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The new rebar fabrication facility at Qatar Reinforcement Company will have all the high tech requirements needed to address and resolve these issues. QRC has already proven itself to be one of the major industrial factories that can handle large tonnages and deliver on time. These qualities are due to good initial planning on the site location to which are added the factory size and its layout.

QRC  has what it takes to be able to mix large-scale projects with smaller intricate jobs. It has three production lines. To start with, the 12-meter-long re-bars, which mainly constitute the raw material, are to be handled and fed into a shear line characterized by its high productivity. This way, they prevent a possible interference with WIP material movement and finished goods. The shear line itself has been specially designed to make it easier for the production team at QRC to load jobs with a ready capability to adapt to new, different or changing requirements; this will consequently optimize productivity.

Scrap, and especially waste and off-cuts or material yield is the major factor that highly affects the cost of operations.  QRC is able to control this whole process through its ability to mix different orders since nothing but enough storage facility can optimize the possibility of storing large tonnages. QRC has certainly found the right solution to deal with this issue.

Another aspect of the ultramodern technology is the automatic pocket system between the shear line and the bending stations. This system will increase the good performance of the optimization process; it will also make it possible to accumulate a particular order over a period of time, and eventually transferring it to the bending station without using an overhead crane. This transfer is possible due to the layout that has been specially designed for this purpose of shifting the material from the shear line to the bending station without using a crane, we add to this the big quantity of material removed and of course with the right bundling mechanism that ensure that the material doesn’t get mixed.

To this we endeavor to add yet another technological aspect in the near future: a central computer, with which all the machines are capable of communicating, is the major operator of the process. The reliability of this process is enhanced when the downloading of the production data occurs without manual input. By this process, scanners will be added to the machine's computers which can read the barcode on the production labels, in order for them to eliminate human input error on the factory floor.

 All of these features optimize the capability of the production facility to produce, apart from normal structural shapes, other rebar products and prefabricated items such as spirals, rings and pile cages. They also increase its ability to provide cut to length straight bars.
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